ASA Lauds NASTF Progress

Ron Pyle comments on task force operations, opportunities

COLLEYVILLE, TEXAS, Jan. 16, 2013 – Ron Pyle, president and chief staff executive of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), recently announced he would not seek another term as chairman of the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF). Pyle offered the following commentary on his decision and provided insight into ASA’s view of NASTF going forward.

“I have been very closely associated with NASTF since 2002, and ASA has been involved for more than a decade – hosting the first NASTF meeting in Las Vegas. I am honored that my peers have elected me to represent ASA on the NASTF board for another three-year term and I look forward to contributing to the evolving mission of the organization,” said Pyle.

ASA’s original goal was to help create a model auto industry organization that would work to facilitate communication between independent repairers and automakers. NASTF’s most important role was to ensure a successful, private sector process whereby service and tool information as well as training would be provided by the automakers to independent repair shops.

“This past year was particularly eventful for NASTF as it became an autonomous and self-sufficient organization,” said Pyle. “NASTF had relied on ASE for administrative services and financial and in-kind contributions from the founding associations and constituent groups to operate. With the hiring of an executive director and the development of a reliable revenue stream from the vehicle security registry activity, NASTF has taken a significant step forward.

“I am particularly looking forward to the upcoming NASTF general meeting to be held at the ASA-MoKan VISION Conference in Kansas City, Mo., March 8. I expect there will be many familiar faces in the audience, but there will be an opportunity to reach some who have never been exposed to NASTF or the work it does on their behalf.”

Subsequent to achieving success in identifying gaps in service information and resolving them, it became clear that NASTF could provide a conduit for the transfer of secure information and sensitive data between the OE manufacturer and the independent repairer, thus the Secure Data Release Model (SDRM) was created. This unprecedented, cooperative effort processed almost 400,000 transactions in 2012 through the Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) Registry. ASA is proud to host and manage this activity as a service to NASTF and the automotive industry.

As vehicles become more complex, ASA is committed to ensuring that independent shop owners and technicians continue to have access to the new technologies required to properly service and repair them. This will likely require more focus on the training resources that will be necessary to perform comparably to the franchised dealer.

“ASA has been instrumental in the formation, formalization and transition of NASTF into a fundamental service information resource for the automotive service industry. It is important that we recognize the significant opportunity that NASTF represents as a unique entity that can and should represent everyone who performs maintenance, service or repair on any vehicle. The organization has established its value and deserves the full support of the entire industry,” said Pyle.

For more information about ASA’s management of the Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) Registry, contact David Lowell at (800) ASA-SHOP, ext. 111.

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Written by autoshop-dev