How Uniforms Help Build Your Brand

by ASA | August 4, 2015 4:32 pm

Cintas_Blue_No BarYour shop team’s outfits make a huge difference in the way customers think of your business and how your staff works. Uniforms serve as an extension of your brand image and speak volumes when it comes to the quality of your products, your people and your service. It’s important to display a consistent and professional image that reflects your brand at all times.

Consider these statistics:

(Survey conducted by Weintraub Associates, a national management consulting firm, 2008)

CintasBlue_Polo_008Here are ways your shop benefits from the use of uniforms:

Wearing a uniform also benefits the employee:

Your shop’s employees are the faces of your brand, so you want them to always project the best possible image. Unlaundered uniforms left in the back of an employee’s car before his or her shift likely won’t project the best brand image. By partnering with a uniform provider, you can define an apparel program that matches the right type of fabric, style and service to your business and brand.

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