ASA Annual Business Meeting
and Conference



ADAS Technical Training & Live Demonstration – Tuesday and Wednesday
(Audience: Mechanical and recommended for Collision)

Presented by Standard Motor Products

Advanced Driver Assist Systems or ADAS are designed to help the driver avoid collisions with other vehicles or objects. Some of them simply alert the driver of a possible upcoming problem while others will brake or steer the vehicle to mitigate a collision. When these systems are damaged or fail, the technician must be prepared to perform specific procedures to reset them. The goal of this class is to prepare the aftermarket technician to diagnose, service and reset ADAS systems and components. We will explain the operation of these systems and components and present diagnostic scenarios demonstrating proper reset techniques and what to do if they are not successful. This event will also have a live car demonstration.


Vehicle Design & Technology – Wednesday
(Audience: Collision)

Presented by Tom McGee, Spanesi

Tom McGee Jr.

In this presentation, you will learn the good, bad and ugly of vehicle technology and the impact on the collision-repair process. Topics include changes in Vehicle Construction Materials and will cover OEM construction methods and materials as well as understanding today’s repairability issues. In the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) section, Tom will cover system operation and part locations, sensor inputs and outputs, pre- and post-repair scan discovery, determining when calibrations are needed and equipment needs. During the Effects on the Repair section, you will learn about damage analysis implications, structural measuring and calibration requirements. Finally, during the section on Financial Impact of Vehicle Technology, you will learn about increased vehicle repairable volumes and reduced severity and increased cycle times.


Generation Z – Move Over Millennials, Gen Z is Here – Wednesday
(Audience: All attendees)

Presented by Sara Fraser

Sara Fraser

Generation Z currently makes up 25 percent of our population, making them a larger cohort than baby boomers or millennials! This course will offer a brief review of a previous generation’s characteristics with an in-depth look at Generation Z. You will learn how to attract Generation Z as customers and employees. You will also learn the differences between Gen Y and Z when it comes to communication and relationships. As an owner or manager, you can gain insights on how to manage, mentor and coach them through this course.


Pay Programs That Guarantee More Productive Employees + Happier Customers
(Audience: All attendees)

Presented by Bob Cooper, Elite Worldwide

Bob Cooper

If you want to build a more profitable, successful auto repair business, you need to have the right people working with you. Finding the right people is just the beginning, as you’ll need to know how to keep them operating at peak performance, and happy to be a part of your team. The best way to achieve this goal is through compensation and incentive programs that are good for you, your employees, and your customers as well. During this industry-acclaimed course, you will learn:

    • The specific behaviors that you need to reward employees through your pay plans
    • Incentive plans that ensure your employees are always operating at peak performance
    • How the top shops in America are currently compensating their team

And so much more!


Transformational Service Advisor and the 4 Pillars
(Audience: Mechanical)

Presented by Jeremy O’Neal

Jeremy O’Neal

Join Jeremy for an action-packed workshop that covers the four pillars of sales success including lead conversion, vehicle intake, sales presentation and sales objections. With Jeremy’s knowledge and instruction, you can learn the skills needed to maintain a 70 percent closing ratio with today’s telephone price shopper. During the section on Vehicle Intake, you can learn how to create additional sales during the write-up process. And finally, improve your ability to close difficult sales and master the art of moving beyond the first “no” by creating a personalized, professional sales presentation designed to deliver amazing results.


Maximizing Profits: Selling Diagnostic Services
(Audience: Mechanical)
Presented by Jeremy O’Neal
During this class, Jeremy will educate you about creating diagnostic service packages that consumers will pay for. Master the three most common sales objections when selling diagnostic services. Learn the strategies and tactics North American Service Departments are using to gain market share and take customers out of your repair bays. By the end of this class, you will know how to sell a basic diagnostic package, convert price shoppers into paying customers, use an initial assessment as a lead conversion tool, decode the price puzzle, create an internal repair process that avoids misdiagnosis and get customized curriculum for vehicles with case studies and real world repair examples.



Talent Recruitment and Retention Panel Discussion – Wednesday
(Includes panelists from AMi, ASE, Collision Education Foundation, U.S. Department of Labor, TechForce)

Moderated by Tony Molla, VP of Industry Relations, ASA and Jeremy O’Neal, owner of AdvisorFix

This in-depth discussion will explore the issues surrounding the need for new technical and management talent and the challenges faced from a growing shortage of qualified technicians. Those attending ASA’s Talent Recruitment & Retention presentation will take away a comprehensive knowledge of the current situation, how we got here, what we need to know to address this issue and what resources are available to help find the talent we need to ensure our ongoing success.

Tony Molla

Technician Recruitment & Retention will be a 4-hour session in two parts. The first half will be moderated by Tony Molla, ASA vice president of Industry Relations and the second half by well-known trainer Jeremy O’Neal from Advisor Fix.

With panelists from the ASE Education Foundation, Tech Force Foundation, Automotive Management Institute, Collision Repair Education Foundation and the Department of Labor, you will receive valuable tips and information on what we’re doing to address the technician shortage and what resources are available to your shop now that can help find the talent you need today!

Jeremy O’Neal

Jeremy O’Neal will lead a town hall discussion with the panelists and audience on how to cope with the changes necessary to find, hire and keep the best employees. Using an open mic format, attendees will be part of the discussion as we cover such topics as what’s working in recruitment, pay plans, benefits and employee development from the group. It’s the most comprehensive deep dive yet into the issues that are keeping many shop owners up at night, and sure to deliver several nuggets for you to take back and use in your business today!